Don’t know much about music? That’s okay! Musico-poetics isn’t about music, it’s about sound.

What to write: Can be on a boundless range of topics so long as they somehow concern contemporary musico-poetics in written poetry and/or performance! Yeah, they’re critical op-eds, but any writing style is accepted from literary to super conversational. We don’t care how you say it, we care about the content of your article.

Some general ideas for topics if you’re like, “I have no idea what to do.”:

  • I went to this reading, and (poet) read their work like _____ and it made the work better/worse in this way ________.
  • How you include an awareness of sound when you’re writing or reading
  • Talking about specific poets, poems, collections, schools of poetry (within the last 25 years)
  • Why diction is or is not important during a reading
  • Talk about what rhythm adds (or takes?) from poetry/poetry performance
  • The different sound a fragment makes compared to a line that’s a full sentence. how you or another poet utilize that difference for certain effects.
  • What’s your experience with being taught how to perform your poetry?

Etc., ad infinitum, be your creative self! Need more inspiration? Find a running list of ideas here.

Submit here, and direct all inquiries to – we can’t wait to hear from you!