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hipster-ariel-mfaSo, you want to submit to us, but you’re not sure where to start?

Get inspired by the questions below! New ideas added often, so if these haven’t peaked your interest, check back soon! We can’t wait to hear from you!

➤ Q: What’s the difference between a written poem, and a poem in the act of being read/performed?

➤ Q: In singing, the voice is referred to as an instrument, and oration seems to take cues from this idea. Does this hold true with poetry reading/performance? What effect would approaching your reading from this view have on your performance?

➤ Q: What’s your experience with being taught how to read/perform your poetry? Have you been?

➤ Q: What place do vocal fry and the “sexy baby voice” (both female-focused linguistic trends ) have in poetry writing or performance? Are there poets who write these speech-sound choices into their poetry? If yes, what does its linguistic structure look like?

➤ Q: Is diction important in reading/performing? What effect does it have?

➤ Q: In poetry reading/performance, how are your vocal choices related to gender and the way your sex traditionally constructs language?

➤ Q: Is it possible to write a polyphonic poem? In what way(s) does harmony present itself in poetry?

➤ Q: Talk about the different sound a fragment makes compared to a line that’s a complete sentence. How do you or another poet utilize that difference for certain effects?

➤ Q: What does an awareness or the use of rhythm add (or take?) from poetry writing or reading/performance?

➤ Q: I went to this reading, and (poet) read their work like _____ and it made the work better/worse in this way ________.