Broad Strokes by Lynsey G

Broad Strokes

I will never rip a single bird
From among its flock,
            spread out low over the field,
And devour it raw
There amongst the ankle-high cornstalks.

I am not that specific.

But it’s possible
I’ve been pulled so hard
From above and below
            at one time,
Stretched even by my own doing,
Near my belly button
There could be a single

            of me,
Stronger than the guts,
That holds together stubbornly.
This piece may be
So fine
That if you were to twist,
You could paint what I am,
In gorgeous script,
Upon a single starling’s eye.


Lynsey G (who often goes around as Fanny Firewater) is a dabbler. She has written much nonfiction—largely about the adult entertainment industry—as well as fiction and poetry, for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, WHACK! Magazine, xoJane, TOSKA, two published anthologies, and The Whiskey Dregs. She has told stories live at Spill! and Bare! and read her poetry at Poor Man’s Poetry. She can be found most days at her website, or hard at work on her graphic novel.

(featured image: Paula McGurdy)


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