The Self-Preferred Self by Peter Longofono

The Self-Preferred Self

Take that, retch. This beachhead’s occupied.
One’s people lift obelisks: Spain’s thumb,
a rodeo ashtray, five-lettered brumal distillery…

What’s the use of urethra except to issue jets?
Boy, does it ever, broken-wristed backslashes.
Flap, hands!—make fast lariats—crank crank

faucets The Professor, that sick genitive pucker,
heels corned to doorjamb. Behold the Inspectable
Runt. Swill, hindgut, contract! Pissbeaten dreidel,

you are the worst. Which cigarbox this time,
itty correspondent. Imply with your brows. Once
again, against lust: you would institute another desert.


Peter Longofono received his MFA from NYU, where he edited international content for Washington Square Review and served as a Goldwater Fellow. His poems and criticism have appeared or are forthcoming in H_NGM_N, The Bakery, and Coldfront. He lives in Brooklyn.


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