Carbonate by Lauren Hunter



the pressures of a people’s government

of quotation marks (air quotes)
of a strapless bra that tries to hold your tummy in tight

of red glasses
your assets
a metallurgic religion

      worry WHAT ME

         WHAT I HOLD

i move my world

a full galaxy between the blood-pumper and food processor
professor please PLEASE “a man’s a mad thing, a mad thing a mad mad mad”

our made for tv christmas
has all the perks and the gotdamned ring
with your life attached
to my finger

my treasure by the tail
this is song one
see – deuce – deux

second day air to russia
with weapons

because i like to believe
i am a powerful thing,

but what is true
if i never open my mouth

if i am not sprinkling my teeth in the ground,
sugar-crusted babies to grow in the spring
into very good witches, my girls my girls

[Listen to this poem here, Read Lauren’s Q&A for SOUND here]

Lauren Hunter is from North Carolina and lives in Brooklyn. She received her MFA in poetry from The New School and works with the team at Telephone Books as their Managing Editor. Lauren is the co-founder/curator of the Electric Pumas, a reading series/revolution in New York City. Her chapbook, My Own Fires, was released by Brothel Books in 2011.


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